Meet the Web Team

We have responsibility for planning, visual design, user experience, web accessibility, web optimisation, architecture, system management & development, and user support.

If you need help or advice please contact us through IT Help on 2253 or email your query to requesting the attention of the Web Team.


Michelle Porter (Head of Web Team)

Michelle has worked in design since the mid 1990s. She started working in print design before moving to specialise in on-screen design. She cares deeply about improving the user experience for all on-screen communication and how analytics to can inform decisions.

David-Wickins-133x100px.jpgDavid Wickins (Multimedia Designer)

Dave trained as a designer when the web was in its infancy and his career has always been in on-screen design.

He enjoys the challenge of problem solving in his job as visual designer.


Jeff Wilkinson (Multimedia Designer)

Jeff graduated as a multimedia designer in 2004, and has mostly worked in education.

He loves playing with stylesheets and html5 to create his visual designs.

silhouette maleAsh Hutchinson (Web Designer)

Ash graduated in 2009 as a Graphic Designer and has worked as a graphic & web designer ever since.

His passion is applying his design skills to any of the projects he works on.

silhouette maleAnup Patel (Digital Analyst)

Anup has close to a decade’s experience of digital analytics and marketing, having worked in web analytics, SEO, online ad copywriting and PPC campaign management.

As the resident Digital Analyst, Anup is focused on understanding online user behaviour and delivering insight that enables the University to achieve audience and engagement goals.


silhouette maleDaniel Weatherhead (Web CMS Administrator)

Daniel has worked in IT Administration since 2009 predominantly using Sharepoint but has years of experience using other Content Management Systems. He has worked in both public and private sectors, majority of which was working in the Ministry of Defence. With a degree in Digital Animation and a passion for Character Design outside of the office Daniel loves to flex his creative muscles.


Steven Hayles (Senior Solutions Developer)

Steven has been working on web systems since 1994 and has a wealth of technical knowledge. He cares deeply about getting all the details right. Steven's main job is technical support and development.




Carl Vivian (Video Producer)

Carl has worked as a video producer at the University of Leicester since the late 90s and has won many awards for his work. He manages and produces video content for the University YouTube channel ( and our website. Since launching our YouTube channel it has received over 1.5 million views and Carl's video footage is also used by television producers.

Hayley-evans.jpgHayley Evans (Video Producer)

Whilst studying television production at University, Hayley won many awards such as two BBC production awards and the runner up award in the regional Royal Television Society awards. She enjoys all aspects of film making with a specific interest in documentary. She makes films to present the University’s teaching and research to an online audience and also provides advice on film-making techniques and opportunities.


We work closely with the Communications Team, who look after print, web content, social media, advertising and news.

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