Web platform

All web content related to the University of Leicester, and all teaching and research at the University (including conferences and events) must be housed within the University’s content management system on the le.ac.uk domain – unless prior permission has been given by External Relations.

The University’s brand is one of its strongest assets and gives credibility to the many projects, events, schemes, and groups etc. which form part of the University. This branding is carried across the University’s web sites and the web address forms part of it.

University of Leicester content outside the University’s domain/branding confuses users (since its authorship is unclear) and weakens our brand as a reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy source of information.

In exceptional circumstances, permission may be given for the creation of a University of Leicester website outside of the le.ac.uk domain. External Relations will consider and grant such permission on a case-by-case basis.

Exceptions may be, for example, for partnership branding (e.g. a joint project which must have a neutral location) or technical reasons (i.e. the inclusion of a facility currently unavailable through the in-house platform). Convenience, ease of access or familiarity with other systems are not acceptable reasons for creating sites outside the le.ac.uk domain.

Owners of University of Leicester websites created outside our domain without permission will be required to take them down.

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