The Website Policy Framework

This framework describes how University of Leicester departments, research centres and other business units will adhere to policy and guidelines to ensure that the University website can function effectively, efficiently, securely and within the law.

The Director of External Relations is ultimately responsible for the Overall website, supported by Marketing Communications and the Web Team.

The University of Leicester’s website is a primary source of information for our potential students, students, staff, alumni and visitors. We want our site to present a unified, professional image with easy to find, well written, up-to-date and relevant information.

In 2013, it was agreed that the overall University website should take on a more consistent and professional look. The Division of External Relations took on the responsibility to develop new guidelines and polices to underpin all web content.

These guidelines are to help web users provide a consistent look and feel across the site, to ensure that the site is usable, accessible and regularly updated to reflect the University's continuing web content policy.

Overarching principles

There are some principles common to every area of the web governance:

  1. The design, content and structure of the University website must always be based around the needs of users.
  2. Both academic units and professional services are responsible for managing their content in a manner appropriate for their online audiences, yet a common experience is shared amongst all units under the University of Leicester brand using the Hub and Spoke approach.
  3. The University respects copyright, data protection and all other relevant national or international laws and regulations regarding website content.
  4. All content creators have a responsibility to ensure that their content is accessible to those with disabilities and is aligned with the University’s agreed web standards.
  5. Advertising is not permitted on any pages housed under University of Leicester domain.
  6. All web content related to the University of Leicester, and all teaching and research at the University (including conferences and events) must be housed within the University’s content management system on the domain – unless prior permission has been given by External Relations.
  7. All online information and University of Leicester domains must be owned by a current member of the University.
  8. All online information and University of Leicester domains must be kept constantly up-to-date, be accurate and have a life cycle.
  9. There will be a single, central online record of externally visible content in the prospective students sections which include Course and Student Life information.

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