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If you are thinking of creating a new website or restructuring your old website contact the Web Team.

We are able to offer a 2 hour information architect session for large websites.

This will involve highlighting your audiences, what tasks they would do on your website and how your website could potentially be restructured.

"Shiv made me think about exactly what content was needed on our site, and why, ensuring that our content was relevant to the right audiences, and as accessible as it could be. The report that was provided as a result of our meeting was invaluable, providing a structure and framework within which I used to build the content.  It would have been a very difficult task without this!"
Antonio Jackson - Equalities Project Officer - Equalities Unit

“We were took through the process of thinking how we could organise our content, identifying groupings and themes, that could lead to a possible architecture for the new website. It was really useful to have his experience and expertise as this is something we haven’t done before and it can seem quite daunting at the beginning, but Shiv provided a structured approach and its amazing how much you can achieve in a small amount of time.”
Neil Donohue - Learning & Teaching Services Manager - Library


"As part of the recent project I was lucky enough to be put in contact with Shiv in the web team who very patiently and good-humouredly explained the art of good web usability in a very accessible way. His technique of facilitating a workshop using a card sorting exercise was not only good fun to do but it was also extremely effective way of leading the team to understand who our audience were and what it was that we wanted to achieve. Our session was time well-spent and the end result was website that is well organised and easy to navigate."

Henrietta O'Connor - Professor of Sociology - Deputy Head of College

All you need to do is log a call with IT Support for the attention of the (Web Team).

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