All about Shortcut URLs

Posted by aa935 at Dec 21, 2015 12:55 PM |
Are you familiar with the correct procedure for requesting shortcut URLs?

Shortcut URLs are useful for marketing and publicity purposes, but the initial process needs a bit more thought, and not all shortcut URLs are necessary nor appropriate.

Some things to think about when requesting shortcut URLs:

  • Ensure the shortcut URL does not already exist, albeit in similar wording.
  • That it applies to a site and not an individual page or document.
  • It affects a broad intended audience.
  • Whether it will also be used in offline publicity material.
  • Duration of the requested change.

All requests should be logged with Service Desk ( in the first instance.

Please read our one page guide on shortcut URLs, outlining the process in a bit more detail, before you log any requests.

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