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Remember to optimise your images.

Google uses optimised images as a factor for rankings, so the next time you publish an image make sure you have followed the guidelines we have produced for Plone.

An example of this is the Cell Cycle image on the Department of Genetics page. When searching for the word 'cell cycle' the image is the first one to appear in the search rankings. This is great when trying to bring in traffic from Google and looking at Google Analytics the image recorded 565 sessions over a 3 month period.

cell cycle search image

So to ensure your image ranks well in the search engines you need at least do the following:

  • Optimise your images - reduce the size so the image loads faster. Slow loading pages send users away from your webpage, Amazon research showed that every 100 ms increase in page load time decreased sales by 1%.
  • Name your images correctly - You need to name your images something right? Like Genetics example '22-cell-cycle.gif' . You need to help Google understand what the content of the image is in any way you can. So naming the file appropriately can help Google in the right direction.
  • Alt Attributes - Use these for accessibility but also to help the search engines. Dont keyword stuff but use words that are most appropriate for that image.

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