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A new interactive map of the University campus and city

A new map was launched earlier this week as a replacement for the old Google maps. There are several key changes in the new map which include:

  • optimised for mobile devices
  • full screen
  • 360 degree virtual tours

Screenshot of the University's maps and directions site

Open street map and OSMbuildings

All the key University buildings have been plotted into OpenStreetMap and then these coordinates have been transferred into a JSON file to populate the map. Using this data and the OSMbuildings plugin the campus has been rendered in 3D to create a more realistic and engaging view of the campus.

Screenshot 360 degree virtual tour

360 degrees virtual tours

By clicking on the little red markers you can view a 360 degree virtual tour of that area. The areas currently available include exterior views of the main campus and exterior views of the Oadby student village.


The map has been created using the open source Leaflet javascript library which makes maintaining and editing the map fast and easy whilst knowing the map will work on all major browsers and devices.

Work in progress

As time and resources were limited to get the new map live it is still not yet fully complete with some University buildings and information still missing. So if you spot something that is missing or have any ideas to improve the map please email the webteam.

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