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Posted by sss38 at Aug 07, 2014 11:03 AM |
Google has started to show anchor text more frequently in search results.

We have said for some time that very long web pages are not generally a very good idea but there are times when you can not avoid creating a long page and you need to use Anchors.

Although Google announced in September 2009 that anchors could appear in search results the Web Team haven't really seen much evidence until the past few weeks:
Anchor Text Search Example
Google may pick up your anchors and show them as above (Jump to...).

We recommend that you keep writing good web content that is marked up correctly using H1/H2...tags, correct link text, good alt text and also importantly good anchor text if required.

Google Blog (September 2009): 'Google indexes web pages; if those pages contain named anchors they will (also) be found and indexed too If the page contains both named anchors and links on that page to those named anchors, Google may show one or more of those named anchors under a search result snippet if they think it is relevant for the query'

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