Secure CWIS web forms

Posted by sh23 at Sep 16, 2013 09:24 AM |
We are planning for their retirement, but meanwhile we will update the forms to encrypt submitted data.

This facility has largely been replaced by Plone forms. However, it is still has some significant uses.

The update is planned for 20th September. The forms will continue to work. The transmitted data will be protected against interception while it's transmitted over the network. The only observable difference will be that after the form is submitted, the URL will begin with https rather than http.

You need to know about this change if

  • you update a CWIS page from a copy stored elsewhere
  • and the page contains a form with an action attribute URL of one of the following

In which case, you will need to update the action attribute in your copy so that it begins with https rather than http.

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