New re-design for Student Record System

Posted by dw75 at Oct 11, 2013 01:15 PM |
During the summer the University's central Student Record System has undergone a major re-design. The system uses a web based version of SITS known as eVision. The new design is scheduled to go live soon.

The Student Record System as it's currently known hasn't been re-designed since 2005, during which the internet has moved on greatly. As part of the new branding the system will become known as MyStudentRecord and will feature many significant improvements:

  • Where possible the layout will be responsive. This means the user experience for students on mobile devices should be greatly improved and also for desktop users with widescreen monitors.
  • Less reliance on table usage and a lot of old code removed
  • A clear and simple layout and design will make using the system easier
  • A separate University of Leicester style sheet. Making future upgrades simpler
  • Where possible a consistent use of styling for all buttons, text and boxes
  • Minimal design uses virtually no bitmap graphics so will be faster to use
  • JQuery has been used to create tabs and accordions, making navigation more intuitive

Screen shot of the original Student Record System design

Original Student Record System design

Screen shot of the new design

New MyStudentRecord design

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