Don't ignore the description/summary field

Posted by sss38 at Aug 26, 2013 01:40 PM |
The 'description/summary field' within Plone is a key part of optimising your webpages and you should fill it in.

Why You Should Do This?

Although filling this box in in Plone doesn't help the search engines directly it does aid the user experience and increases the number of users clicking through to your site.

How Do I Do This?

Very easily:

Plone Summary Field

And in Google your page could come back potentially like this:

Google Meta Description


Should I Do This All The Time?

Yes. If you have time target your key pages and change them slightly so the summary field is filled in, and for all new pages fill in the summary field, if possible.

Key Things To Remember

  • 156 characters max including spaces, or Google will cut your words off at the end
  • You can use less words/characters if it reads better
  • Make sure each page on your website has a different summary
  • Although this doesnt help your search rankings directly this field has great marketing potential as it is often the first thing that people will read about you

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