Film Awards and Prizes

Staff in IT Services have produced films that have won over 20 awards and prizes in the UK and overseas.

About the producers

Film Awards

Jon Shears and Carl Vivian both work in Multimedia Services in IT Services. They have received University of Leicester Teaching Fellowships for their internationally recognised expertise in creating educational films and teaching materials, and for designing and teaching film production modules. 

About the awards

Gold Awards


Making and Running an Agarose Gel

Instructional film produced for the GENIE (Genetics Education Networking for Innovation and Excellence) CETL in the Department of Genetics.  
Watch the film (13 min)

  • Gold Award, HeSCA Media Festival 2008


Using a Micropipette

Instructional film produced for the GENIE CETL in the Department of Genetics.
Watch the film (9 min)

  • Gold Award, HeSCA Media Festival 2007
  • Holly Harrington-Lux Design Award 2007


Patient Safety - Mildred’s Story

A fictional story based on real life experiences, this film follows an elderly stroke patient through a number of experiences in hospital. It is used to teach students in health and social care.

Watch the film (24 min)

It is an excellent example of how well-produced drama video can be used pedagogically. Excellent camerawork, editing and production design overall.
  • Gold Award, HeSCA Media Festival 2006
  • Best of Show, HeSCA Media Festival 2006
  • Finalist, MEDEA Awards 2008

Watch an interview with the film’s director (8 min)


Understanding Domestic Abuse

Produced for the Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston Domestic Violence Forum as part of a teaching pack aimed at Year 9/10 pupils.

  • Learning on Screen Premier Award 2002
Silver Awards


Hands Free and Hands On

Promotes outreach work in teaching Chemistry.
Watch the film (5 min)

  • Silver Award, HeSCA Media Festival 2007
Bronze Awards


Mr Kirby’s Story

This dramatised story of a patient’s experience in hospital highlights issues around caring for elderly patients who become too infirm to cope with living independently at home.
Watch the film (22 min)

  • Bronze Award, HeSCA Media Festival 2009 
Individual Awards


Making a Crisis Out of a Drama

Made for Multimedia Services undergraduate teaching, a documentary following a group of students undertaking their practical module for the BSc Communications, Media and Society.
Watch the film (9 min)

  • Formal Education Award, BUFVC Learning On Screen Awards 2005


Speaking for the Dead

Documentary about the work of a Home Office Forensic Pathologist, produced for the East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit.

  • Learning on Screen Wellcome Trust Award 2004


Leicester Royal Infirmary Prematurity Prevention Clinic

Produced for University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust to provide information to pregnant mothers.

  • Learning on Screen Training Award 2002.


Best Editing Award

Won the Best Editing Award from the Society for Screen-Based Learning in 2002.


Best Camerawork Award

Won the Best Camerawork Award from the Society for Screen-Based Learning in 2001.

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