What is its purpose?

It's not enough to say "We should have a website" - what is your website actually for?

Your website's purpose

When planning a website you must decide what is the purpose of your site. Is it simply advertising: letting people know that your department exists? Or will your website give people access to services which you provide? Does there need to be some form of interactivity? Will the website replace, or possibly complement, some existing form of communication such as a newsletter or a brochure?

What will people be able to do, thanks to your website, which they currently either can't do at all or can't do as well as they would like to.

Try listing everything that your website could do - then narrow that down to everything that it should do. Having too much on a website is as bad as having too little.

Think about your users. What do they want? Perhaps you could even ask them.

But first, you have to be sure who they are.