Know your audience

Web communication is user-driven - the person visiting your site will decide what they see and use.

Identify Your Groups

Who will use your website? Your website serves an audience. Who are they? Within the university it is likely that your users will belong to one or more of the following groups:

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Businesses
  • Other universities
  • Press and media
  • General public

But these can be broken down into smaller groups. For example, 'staff' could be:

  • Staff within the Department
  • Staff in other parts of UoL
  • Prospective staff (job applicants)

Think about the different groups of people who will use your site. Think about how those groups overlap and what they might have in common. It may be that some parts of your site will serve one audience and other parts will serve another. This will influence the structure of your site in order to target appropriate content to users.

Who can be excluded?

The one potential user who can be excluded from consideration in the planning of your Departmental website is your Department. Staff within the Department are potential site users as are students within the Department. But 'the Department' itself does not 'use' the site and the site should not try to serve the needs of 'the Department.'

Your website is for people to find out about you, not for you to tell people about yourself.