Assemble your team

Your website is important and should not be the responsibility of one person.

About the team

The first thing to do when developing your website is to assemble a small team. The size of the team will depend on the size of the department for whom the site is being created. Ideally the team members should know how the department works and what it does. 

You should consider people who have 'knowledge management' skills such as communication, presentation and good organisation.

The team should also have experience of dealing with your site’s audience, whether that is staff, students, prospective students, business partners, funding bodies, the media or whatever. It is also useful to have a mixture of some team members who have worked in the department for a long time and some who are fresh and new.

Appoint a team leader

Every team needs a team leader, so you should appoint one individual to be your Web Responsible Person (WRP), who can report to the Head of Department and liaise with the Web Team. Once your site is up and running, the WRP will have overall strategic responsibility for the content, design and structure of your site. But the operational responsibility (ie. day-to-day management of web pages) can be shared between as many departmental staff as necessary.

Training Requirements

Your Web Responsible Person should initially book a place on the Planning your Website Course  (half day). After this you will have a good idea of what is required and where to go to help.

One or more members of your team will need to attend the  Plone Introduction course (half day) to get them started using the content management system.

All members responsible for creating web content should attend Writing for the Web so that they can write suitable on-line content.

Please note:

Any major changes to University of Leicester websites must be signed off by the Web Team before going Live.

Please fill out the Website Brief Form and email it back to before you begin.

A member of the Web Team will then contact you to progress the website.

If you are making small changes to your website such as daily minor page changes please contact your website coordinator (login required) for assistance. If you are making large structural, visual changes or are creating a new website, fill out the Website Brief Form and email it back to before you begin.