Website Sign Off

All new University of Leicester websites, and significant changes to existing websites, must be agreed by the Web Team before they go live. This means that once you have finished working on a website you need to notify the Web Team by emailing to request website sign off.

What does the sign off process involve?

The sign off process involves three members of the web/communications team reviewing the website and, if necessary, recommending improvements. The three main areas reviewed during the sign off process are:

  1. Content - the written content of the website
  2. Information Architecture - the structure and accessibility/usability of the website
  3. Design - the visual design of the website

The feedback will normally be compiled into a document and emailed to the main contact person for the particular site. At this point the contact person is more than welcome to discuss the feedback with the Web Team. Once any necessary changes have been made, and both parties are happy for the website to go live, a member of the Web Team will schedule a convenient time to publish the site.

How long does sign off take?

We normally ask for a two week period in order to review and feedback on a new website. However, depending on the time of year and our workload, this time period may be longer or shorter. After feedback has been given the website owner will need time to implement any necessary changes. Therefore, when you are planning timescales for the launch of a new website, we suggest that you allow for a total of four weeks for the completion of the sign off process.