Set deadlines

Your website project will benefit if you set deadlines.

Why set deadlines?

Website projects have a tendency to drag on as more important or urgent projects take priority. So it is beneficial for your team to agree on a timeline for the development of your website, leading up to a launch date when the website is expected to go live.

Things to consider

  • How often can your project team meet?
  • What training do you need?
  • What meetings will you require with members of the Webteam?
  • What meetings will you require with staff in your department, or with other people inside/outside the University?
  • At what point do you want to show your work to the Head of Department?
  • Are there any conferences or funding deadlines around which you must work?
  • How does your proposed workload match up with the annual waxing and waning of work throughout the academic year?

Above all, bear in mind the following:

  • Don’t rush into things. It is best to get your website right before you launch it.
  • Always leave time to test your site and, if necessary, make changes before you go live.
  • Remember that deadlines can always be moved, especially in unforeseen circumstances.