Known Issues

Known issues with the University's website

Have you found an issue or bug within Plone - if so, please let us know by sending an email with a clear description of the problem to


  • In Chrome, the editor fields sometimes extend beyond the central area of the page. Refreshing the page occasionally fixes the problem.
  • In the Style menu, "Text" and "Selection" appear when they should not. They have no useful function.


  • When using an iframe in a page, the iframe content may not display after saving the page. Refreshing the page fixes the issue.


Creating or editing hyperlinks from images in IE11

  • If you select an image to add or edit a hyperlink while using Internet Explorer 11, no change will result. The work around is to select the image by dragging across it (as you would select text).

BMP images

  • These cannot be scaled. If a scaled one is embedded in a page, the page will display an error message. BMP images should not normally be used on the web, and certainly not embedded in web pages. It's possible to edit a page with this problem by appending /edit to the end of its URL.


  • Form mailers without a recipient configured will be mailed to the web server administrator. They used to go to the owner (usually the creator) of the mailer. If an email address is configured in Preferences -> Personal Information, then this will be used as the default destination for new form mailers that you create.
  • Forms that contained mailers but that were configured not to use them defaulted to using them after the upgrade.
  • Some Rating-Scale Fields need fixing. There is a row for each letter in the question.
  • In some cases, stored submitted form data (in the SaveDataAdapter) has been lost. This can be retrieved from the copy of the old site on


  • Users may have lost permissions on folders and pages that do not inherit permissions from parent folders. These can be recreated on request.


  • Can only be created by the Web Team
  • Alternative display settings (eg "Left Column Suppressed Window") do not work and cause an error message to display.

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