Add and format text

Adding text

To add text to a page click on the edit tab at the top of your page and then either write or copy/paste clean text into the Body Text field - add a change note and then click save.

Edit page

Copying and pasting text

If you are copying and pasting text into Plone from another document (such as a Word, PDF or even another website) then it is essential that you use the Paste as Plain Text tool (Paste as Plain Text icon).

When you copy and paste text into Plone from another source you are also copying hidden formatting code. This may seem desirable at first because your text may appear to be formatted correctly. However this code can have adverse affects and cause problems when you come to save or format your pages later. The Paste as Plain Text tool removes the hidden formatting code and leaves you with 'clean' text that you can then format using the options on the Plone page editor.

When you paste text using the Paste as Plain Text tool remember to tick the box labelled keep line breaks. This will prevent the text from being pasted into the page as a single paragraph.

Using styles to format text

For a consistent look you can apply a whole range of styles to your text using the drop down styles menu - and for more detailed information on these styles see the Design It section on Basic Text Styles and Text formatting: dos and don'ts.

Appropriate Heading styles should be used throughout your pages.

Content Styles

Using the editor to format text

Plone offers a number of basic text editing options to users wishing to style the content of their pages (including the text in static portlets). These editing options are available via the page editor that sits at the top of the Body Text field when you edit a page. The interface, pictured below, is similar to the kind of interface you get in a word processing package - so you may well already be familiar with the kind of things it can do.


Below are the options available for formatting text.

Bold Bold
Subscript Subscript
Superscript Superscript
Italics Italics
Align Left Left justify
Align Centre Centre justify
Align Right Right justify
Bulleted List Bulleted list
Numbered List Numbered list
Indent Left Left indent
Indent Right Right indent

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