Inserting and Editing Tables

Inserting a Table

When editing a page in Plone you can click the Insert table button on the toolbar to insert a table.

Insert table button


The following window will open:

Insert Table Window


  1. Choose an appropriate table class.
    This will dictate how the table will display so choosing the correct table class is important. See the 'Choosing an appropriate table class' section of the Styling Tables page for an example and explanation of each class.
  2. Enter the required number of rows and columns.
    Rows and columns can also be added (and deleted) after you've created the table.
  3. Enter a table summary (optional).
    The objective of the summary is to provide a brief overview of how data has been organized in the table for the benefit of people who use screen readers; the information is not displayed visually. Summaries are not required if an invisible table (aka Subdued Grid class) is being used to layout non-tabular data.
  4. Display a caption (optional).
    If you click the 'Advanced' link you'll see an option to display a caption. This will add an extra space above your table into which you can type a caption.
  5. Click Insert.
    This will insert the table into your page. Clicking 'Cancel' will close the window without inserting a table.

Editing a table

Once you have added a table into a webpage you'll notice that the following buttons will become active. You can use these buttons to edit the table.

Before you use any of these buttons you need to make sure that you click within the table to select a particular column, row or cell.

Table row properties
Table row properties - adjust properties such as the height and alignment of a table row.
Table cell properties
Table cell properties - adjust properties such as the width, height and alignment of a table cell.
Insert row before Insert row before - insert a row before (i.e. above) the row that is currently selected.
Insert row after Insert row after - insert a row after (i.e. below) the row that is currently selected.
Delete row Delete row - delete the currently selected row.
Insert column before Insert column before - insert a column before (i.e. to the left of) the column that is currently selected.
Insert column after
Insert column after - insert a column after (i.e. to the right of) the column that is currently selected.
Remove column Delete column - deletes the currently selected column. 
Merge cells Merge table cells - merge the selected table cells together
Split merged cells Split merged table cells - split table cells that have been merged together.

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