Reload the page

There are a couple of circumstances in which it can be useful to reload or refresh your page view:

  • When you've made a change but it doesn't show
  • When you get an error when you try to save

What to do if your changes don't show

Occasionally, you may find that when you save a bit of work in Plone, and come to view the page that you've just worked on, that what you are looking at doesn't reflect what you've just saved.

Don't panic - your work has saved correctly - what you are looking at is a previous older version of the page before the change was made that has been stored (cached) by your browser.

To clear this old view out and get your browser to show the most up to date version of the page you need to reload the page view.  To do this you need to press:


This is called doing a 'Forced Refresh' and once you've done it your page view will be the current one.

What to do if you get an error when you try to save

If you receive an error message when saving a page try pressing Ctrl+F5 first to resolve it. If the page doesn't reload correctly press the Back button and resave the page. Check there are not two copies of the page.

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