Reordering content

To reorder content (pages & folders):
1. From the top level folder select the Contents tab
2. Hover over the four dots in the Order column
3. Drag and drop the content to a new location
4. Switch to View then back to Contents to check the positioning
5. Repeat if necessary

Content order

The order in which your links appear in the side navigation is controlled by the order your pages and folders appear in the Contents view of the folder above.

If you want to reorder the Navigation, you will need to reorder the content.

Content Order

Changing the content order

Click on the Contents tab of the folder. In the first column of the table you will see eight dots arranged in a rectangle next to each content item. Hover over the dots so that your cursor turns into a two-headed arrow. Drag and drop the content item into a new location in the list. 


Content on more than one screen

If you have a lot of content spreading over more than one screen, scroll to the bottom of the Contents screen and select Show all items to view everything together before moving items from lower down the list. Drop the item as high in the list as possible then scroll up further and move the item again.

Show all items 

Change to the View tab then back to Contents to check the positioning. Repeat the move if necessary.