Short and long names

Taking advantage of the Short Name feature to make better Plone URLs.

To change the Short name of a page:
1. From the folder above select the Contents tab
2. Select the check boxes next to the pages you wish to change
3. Click the Rename button
4. Enter your new page names in the New Short Name fields (not in the Title)
5. Click Save

Using short names

A useful feature of Plone is that when you add an object (a page, a folder, a survey, etc) to a Plone site it gives that object two names: one long, one short.

The long name is the Title you give the object, the other is a shortened lowercase hyphenated form of the same Title which appears in the Plone page's URL.

e.g. If you created a page called 'Spend a Year Abroad', Plone would give it a short name of 'spend-a-year-abroad', so that the url would become ~/undergraduate/spend-a-year-abroad and not the less acceptable ~/undergraduate/Spend a Year Abroad

However changing it to ~/undergraduate/yearabroad would make a better, shorter URL

The thing that is particularly good about this feature is that you can edit and change the shortname without affecting the long name - which means you can use a much shorter form of your object Title to appear in the URL.

Changing the shortname

You can change one or more shortnames by clicking the Contents tab of the folder above. When you are in the Contents view you can see all the objects that are contained in your Plone site at that particular level - it could be images, documents, Plone pages, Plone folders - all manner of content types. Click the check box corresponding to the object or objects that you want to rename and then press Rename.


You will see an interface that will list all the objects you've chosen and show their long and short names as editable fields. Make the changes in the New Short Name field (not the New Title) and then click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Your objects will instantly be renamed.

If you look at your Plone page's URL in the address bar you will see the change in effect.