Setting the default view of a folder (i.e. setting homepages)

To select a default page:
1. From the top level folder select Display > Change content item as default view..
2. Select the radio button next to the page you wish to set as the default
3. Click Save

As you already know, a website is made up of one or more folders that contain content items such as webpages, documents, images, and other folders etc. When you create a new website in Plone, or a new folder within an existing website, you'll notice that all that you are presented with initially is a list of the content items that are contained within that particular folder.

You don't necessarily want your end users to see this list of items because it's not very user friendly or visually appealing. Therefore what you need to do is to select one of the content items within your folder to become the default view (or homepage) of that particular folder.

This means that when a user navigates to the folder they won't be presented with the list of items, instead they'll be presented with whatever page/blog entry/news item etc that you have chosen to be the homepage.

Setting the default view (homepage) of a folder

  • Go to the top level folder of your site or to the folder for which you wish to set a default page.
  • Go to the Contents tab or View tab.
  • Click the Display menu

  • The Display menu should have at least 4 options on it: Summary view, Tabular view, Standard view and the below a dividing line Select/Change content item as default view...
  • Choose Select/Change content item as default view and you'll be taken to a Select default page interface that shows you a list of items in your current folder that have the potential to be the default page - this is restricted to normal pages, collections and forms.

  • Select the check button next the page you wish to make the default view for the folder and then click Save.
  • You will be taken back to your folder but now, instead of showing the 'shopping list' of items, a single page (or collection or form) of your choosing will be shown. You will also notice that this default item is no longer showing in the main navigation.

It is best practice to put the default page at the top of the list. See the section on Reordering content.

If at any time you wish to undo your choice of default view item then go back to the Display menu and choose Standard view instead. This will cause the 'shopping list' view to reappear.

Default view items and the Sharing tab
Be aware that when you set an item to default view for a folder there can be an unforeseen side effect. If you use the Sharing tab to give a colleague permissions over your site you will find that, in the first instance, clicking the Sharing tab for your site folder will take you to the Sharing interface for the default page NOT the folder. Be careful to observe and follow the Plone message that comes up advising you to set permissions for the whole folder and not just the default page.