Add a folder

To add a folder:
1. From the folder above select Add new > Folder
2. Fill in the Title
3. Fill in the Details if required
4. Click Save



To Add a folder

  • Click on the Add new drop down menu at the top of the page and then choose the Folder option.

Add folder

  • Give the folder a Title (and an optional description).
  • Click Save.

This will create your folder. You can create as many folders as you like and folders can contain other folders ad infinitum.

A sensible way to use folders and pages

It's not always obvious when to use a folder and when to use a page. As a rule of thumb ask yourself whether you think that the particular part of your site that you are working on will:

  • contain multiple pages or is likely to expand OR
  • will it just contain a single page.

If you intend to have multiple pages or may expand the area in the future then choose a folder and put pages in it.

If you know that this bit of your site is just a single page then just use a single page and don't bother with a folder.

As folders are added they will automatically appear in the side Navigation.  You can subsequently hide these folders if necessary.  See Excluding items from the Navigation

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