Add a file

To upload a file:
1. If there isn't already a folder called 'Documents' within your site, create one first
2. Within the Documents folder select Add new > File
3. Browse for the required file
4. Fill in the Title and optional Description
5. Click Save

To link to a file:

1. Within the page select the link text then click the Insert internal link button
2. Browse to the Documents folder
3. Select the radio button next to the file you wish to link to
4. Click OK

File Types

Any type of file (Word, Excel, PDF) can be added to your website but if it is for read only purposes then it should be saved as a PDF first.  A PDF is accessible to everyone, is a smaller file size and will print consistently. See Creating a PDF.

File size upload restrictions

Text files (such as Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoints etc) cannot exceed the maximum file size of 10 megabytes. Images files however cannot exceed the maximum file size of 1.5 megabytes and the maximum image dimensions of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

These file size limitations should be considered when uploading files and images individually, through the normal Plone interface, or when uploading files and images in bulk.


Files need to be uploaded to your website before you can link to them.  All documents should be stored in a folder called Documents so that they are easy to locate. Once you have created your folder you can add new files.

Create a folder for your files

If there isn't already a folder called Documents then you should create a folder first.

Before you publish your site you can exclude the folder from the navigation. This will mean that your Documents folder doesn't show up in your main navigation but is still accessible via the Contents tab.

Upload files into the folder

  • From within the Documents folder select Add new > File

Add file

  • Click Browse and search for your file
  • Locate the file and click Open
  • Give the file a Title (and optional description)
  • When you click Save a copy of the file will be placed into the Documents folder

Uploading multiple files

If you have many files to upload to your website then it is possible to upload multiple files at one time. The method in which you do this depends upon the operating system you are using. Instructions are below.

How to upload multiple files:

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