Edit pages and folders

Obtaining editing privileges

To be able to add and/or edit content on a website you need to be logged into the website and have either Manage or Edit privileges. If you haven't already been given the necessary privileges then you need to contact the person in your department who is the official website maintainer. They have the ability and authority to grant such access rights.

If you contact IT Services they will advise you to contact your department's official web maintainer. This is because it's down to the department to decide who should be able to edit which parts of the website. IT services can't make this decision.

Making an edit

When you have been granted the necessary editing privileges and logged into your website you should see the editing tabs pictured below. These may differ slightly depending upon where in the website you are (on a page, a folder, a collection etc.) and what editing privileges you have (edit or manage).

Editing tabs

Abandoning an edit

Click Cancel at the bottom of the editing page. Any changes you have made will not be saved.

Saving an edit

Click the Save button at the bottom of the editing page. Your edit will be saved and the changes will take effect immediately.

Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+s to save as you work. Using Ctrl+s will only save changes made in the Body Text of a page and will not record changes in the page history.

As you work through the following features, if any of the tabs or options are not available to you then you need to be given rights on the page or folder you are working on first.

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