The University Image Library (Asset Bank)

Adding good quality relevant photographs to your website is one of the easiest ways to make your site more interesting and informative to view whilst also increasing the visual impact.

The Image Library home page

Find the Image Library

The image library can be accessed at To see all the available photographs you have to be registered and logged in. To register for an account, which is completely free, click on the register link in the top right corner and answer a couple of quick questions.

Search the Image Library

You can only download photographs from the image library after you have logged in.

There are two methods available to find a photograph; either search by keyword(s) like a normal search engine or you can browse by categories.

Search Using Keywords

When searching using keywords you can either use the search box in the middle of the homepage or the search box in the top right corner. Both these search boxes will return the same results; the search box in the top right corner will be displayed on all pages. You’ll also notice an advanced search link on the homepage next to the search box. The advanced search can be a useful method to filter large search results by adding additional information. If the keywords by which you’re searching return few or no results you might want to try browsing by categories.

Browse by categories

Browsing by categories is the grey box available on the homepage underneath the central search box. Simply click on a category which is most likely to contain a photograph you’re looking for. The bracketed numbers after each category are the number of available photographs in the category. If a category has a large number of photographs then after clicking the link you’ll notice a further list of subcategories at the top of the page which can help you filter your results further.

Download photographs from the Image library

When you have searched and found a photograph you want to include in your website either click on the thumbnail image or the View details link underneath the thumbnail to view additional information about the selected photograph. At this point before you download the photograph you have the option to view a larger version of the image to double check if it’s appropriate for your needs. If you’re happy with the photograph simply click the download button next to the image.

At this stage you have just a couple of final decisions to make regarding where you want to use your photograph. If you have limited or no knowledge of how to use Photoshop elements to resize or crop the photograph then the fastest and easiest method to get your photograph automatically adjusted for a Plone site is to do the following.

  • Select the intended usage for the image from the drop down list
  • Tick the check box to accept the terms and conditions.

Image sizes for Plone websites

Web OptionsThe Size drop down menu allows you to select the correct size for your web page.

See Images on Plone Pages for more information on the placement of images and their sizes in Plone.

Banner Graphic (Plone)

If selecting the Banner graphic for use across the top of your site you will need to select an area of the chosen image to crop.

The crop size of the banner (990 x 140 px) has been pre-set - you need to drag your mouse over the area you wish to save.  Once the area has been selected you can point to the centre of the crop area and drag the crop area around the image until you find the best match for your banner.

cropping a banner image

Other image types

If you choose PowerPoint from the first dropdown menu the same photograph will be downloaded but at a higher resolution.

If you choose the print option you will be able download the same photograph at the original size the photograph was taken.

You can also resize and crop images correctly in Photoshop Elements and this can give you more flexibility.

Using imagery effectively
Getting Started with Photoshop Elements
Cropping Images with Photoshop Elements (PDF)
Methods for resizing images

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