Images on Plone Pages

All imagery that you use in your Plone website must first be optimised for use on the web. This generally means ensuring that your image is the correct file size, the correct dimensions and the correct file type. Tutorials on optimising your images for the web can be found in the Image Tutorials section of the Web Centre.

Possible image positions

Letters A - E on the diagrams below illustrate the possible places that you can use images on a typical Plone page.

Three column page layout (i.e. portlets on left and right side of the page)

Diagram showing image positions

Two column page layout (i.e. portlets on left side of the page only)

Diagram showing image positions

Image dimensions and file sizes

The table below specifies the image dimensions (width and height) and suggested maximum file sizes.

The letters in the ‘Image Position’ column correspond to the diagram above.

Image Position Width Height
Maximum file size
A - Banner Image 990 pixels
140 pixels
50 KB
B - Left portlet 280 pixels (recommended) *
Any 30 KB
C - Content area (3 column layout)
200 pixels (recommended)
765 pixels (maximum)
Any 100 KB
D - Right portlet 280 pixels (recommended) *
Any 30 KB
E - Content area (2 column layout) 300 pixels (recommended)
1065 pixels (maximum)
Any 150 KB

* The width of web page columns (areas B and D above) will vary depending on the users' screen size. We recommend that images in these positions are designed to be 280 pixels wide to accommodate for the larger screens. However these images will be scaled down to 165 pixels in width on smaller monitors.

Exceeding the maximum suggested file sizes will result in slower loading images and, as a consequence, slower loading web pages. Exceeding the maximum suggested image widths can disrupt the normal layout of your page.

The table above also specifies recommended widths for images placed in areas C or E. Generally if you exceed the recommended widths then an image can appear too large and visually dominate the page. If images are smaller than the recommended widths then they might appear insignificant and/or 'lost' amongst the other page content.

File upload restrictions exist on Plone which means that you will be unable to upload an image that exceeds 1500KB in file size and/or 1000 x 1000 pixels in dimensions (width x height). However this restriction should not normally be a problem providing that the images are properly optimised in line with the information in the table above.

Banner images

A single banner image (position A on the top diagram) can be applied to an entire website, to a particular section of a website, or to an individual page. Due to their large size and prominent nature, banner images must be very high quality images.

Banner images can only be added to a website by a member of the Web Team. Therefore to request a banner image for your website you must email

See the Banner Images page for more information about the types of images that can be used.

Image slideshows

Image slideshows can only be placed in the content area of a Plone page (i.e. positions C/E on the above diagrams). See the Image Slideshow section for further details.