Banner images

This is one of the most powerful elements available to personalise your web site and set the visual tone, it is therefore very important that all banner images are of a high quality. Banner images are 990 pixels X 140 pixels and can be applied to the site, an individual folder or page and need to be submitted to the Multimedia Services Team to be applied.

Due to the responsive nature of the University's website, the width of webpages will increase to occupy more of the available screen space on high resolution and widescreen monitors. However banner images do not change size, they remain 990 pixels wide and aligned to the left which is why a grey area appears on the right hand side.

Acceptable banners Tick

Choose subject specific images rather than generic buildings, campus shots or smiling students. The best generic images are used extensively in the corporate level of the website, departments and offices should select images that distinguish themselves from each other and highlight their expertise.

American Studies banner image

Archaeology banner imageCivil Safety and Security Unit banner image


Unacceptable banners Cross

Montage banner

Do not use montages or collages - a collection of images that are blended together.

Sequence banner

Cut out banner

Do not use a set or sequence of images - choose the strongest image for your homepage and use the rest on individual folders or pages for variation (if appropriate to the subject of the folder or page).

Heading banner

Strapline banner

Do not incorporate text - you should not include text in your banner images whether that is a title or strapline. Selectable text and titles are more accessible and should be incorporated into the page content. The visual strength of the banner is weakend by cluttering the image with additional text.

Creative advice

The focus of the image should be to the right-hand side because the title tab (Department X) will cover a varying proportion of the bottom left of the image (depending on the length of the department, office or project name) as demonstrated in the example below.

Left focus banner