Use Collections to find and display content

What is a collection?

To quote the website:

"A collection is used for building a kind of virtual container for content - the content actually exists wherever the items are stored throughout the web site, but the collection finds content along the guidelines set by a search criterion and makes it appear as if the items were stored in an alternate arrangement".

But beyond this:

  • Collections are dynamic - once you've set the criteria the content that they show updates automatically - which makes them one a series of things you can use that will keep your site changing and up to date.
  • Collections can ONLY reference content that exists in the University of Leicester content management system (Plone) - including eBulletin.

How might I use a collection?

Collections can be put to numerous uses but common examples are:

  • Displaying News or Events from the University main news feed on a site.
  • Displaying web resources from a number of locations.
  • Displaying web resources that contain a certain keyword.
  • Displaying web resources that are of a specific file type.
  • Displaying web resouces created/modified within a certain time and date range.
  • Collections are a vital component in the formation of some portlets and blogs.

How do I create a collection?

There are two basic stages to creating a collection:

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