Set Sort Order

Sort order interfaceOnce you have configured your collection folder and it is searching for and displaying the information that you want - then you might consider a final tweak, namely setting a sort order. What this entails is picking a field from a list of available fields and using that as the field by which the information you are displaying is sorted, using a sort that is appropriate to the field type chosen. i.e. dates are sorted in date order but titles are sorted using a standard alphanumeric sort.

You also have the option to have your chosen sorting field display in either normal or reverse display order, by checking and unchecking the 'reverse' checkbox.

What fields can I use to sort my collection? 

Sort order fields

There are a number of fields that you can choose from to sort your collection information. Pick an option from the field name drop down menu (see image on right):


'Categories' refers to the keywords used to describe an item in Plone.

Creation Date

'Creation Date' refers to the specific time period during which an item was created.


'Creator' refers to content that has been created by a specific user.


'Description' refers to anything text that has been entered into the Description field.

Effective Date

Effective date is the time and date that an item becomes publically available.

End Date

End Date refers to the specified end date and time of an event.

Expiration Date

Expiration date is the time and date that an item has been set to expire (become unavailable).

FeedItem Updated

This item is in the list but is not currently supported - please don't use it.

Item Type

Item Type refers to the different item types that are available in Plone.

Modification Date

Modification Date refers to the time and date an item in Plone was last modified.

Related To

Plone pages carry the option to specify related (referenced) content - which is browsed for and appears as a related items links list at the bottom of a page. This option allows you to sort your data according to that field.

Short Name

All items in Plone have both a long and short name. This field allows you to sort on short name.

Start Date

Start Date refers to the specified start date and time of an event.


The State criteria refers to an item's workflow state in Plone e.g. published, private, etc.


The Title option allows you to sort items according to title.

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