Configuring collections

Whether you are configuring your collection for the first time or revisiting an old collection to change it's configuration you will need to be logged in to make any changes - and you'll need to have manage or edit permissions on that collection.

Collections are easy to spot when in the Contents tab view as they have their own icon (a stack of pages - see below).

How collections look in the contents view

Anyone with permission to edit a collection will see some or all of the following tabs when the visit the collection page:

Collection editing options

A new collection will have no content because no criteria have been defined for it and therefore it will appear empty - as in the image above.

Tip: If you imagine that a collection is similar to a search you might do using a search engine like Google or Yahoo - then a new collection is blank because you haven't actually told it find anything yet.

Configuring the collection criteria

To configure or set some criteria for your collection you need to use the Criteria tab. When you select the Criteria tab you are presented with the following interface:

Configuring a collection

There are two initial parts to the Criteria configuration interface:

  • Add New Search Criteria allows you to set various criteria that will control the information that your collection pulls in and displays.
  • Set Sort Order gives you the option to control the order that your collection's information is displayed in and to choose which of the fields associated with that information is actually used as the basis for the sorting. e.g. You might want to pull in some News articles and order them by Title.


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