Sub-divide folders to improve performance for website editors

It’s recently come to our attention that the performance of Plone for website editors (not normal website visitors) can be severely impacted by the number of items (such as pages, images, documents etc) that are contained within a single folder. This means that Plone can become much slower to respond to simple tasks, such as adding new pages, when you’re working within a folder that contains a large number of items.

This won’t be an issue for the vast majority of folders within your website because the contents should already be organised into a logical folder structure. This is most likely to become problematic for folders that are used as file stores (such as central ‘document’ and ‘image’ directories) or archives (such as a blog or news section). To avoid this problem we recommend that you subdivide the contents of these folders by creating sub-folders. We recommend that ideally each folder should contain no more than 40 single items.

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