To create an image slideshow, you will need to create an image gallery first, as the slideshow uses the images from the gallery. Instructions on creating an image gallery are available.

The image slideshow is a way of going through a series of images on a web page.

This new image slideshow feature does not use any flash so can be viewed on most mobile devices. It uses images from the gallery and displayed as a slideshow.

Use this feature rather than the old flash method.

Adding a slideshow

When editing the page you will see a new Slideshow option along the top bar:

Slideshow link

> Click on the Slideshow option which then will present you with the option to add a slideshow gallery.

Add a gallery

> Click on the add button, choose the gallery folder you wish to use as a slideshow and then close the pop up box.

There are a few option you can change on the slideshow edit page. These are:

  • Number of images to show - you can limit the number of images displayed from the gallery folder.
  • Show image captions - this will show you the description of the image.
  • Time delay in seconds - decide how many seconds you want each slide to shown. 
  • Image scale to display - choose the size of slideshow you wish to display.

> Save the page.

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