Uploading multiple files

Normally, to insert content into Plone you would have to upload each item at a time. This can be very time consuming if you have a lot of content to upload. However, in Windows 7 you can map a network drive to make this process much easier.

Create a new mapped network drive

  1. Click  Start
  2. Choose Computer
  3. Click Map network drive


  4. Choose a letter for your new connection, for example P: for Plone.
  5. Select the folder which you want to connect to:
    1. If you're in the English department for example you would enter https://swww2.le.ac.uk:1980/departments/english. For other departments replace 'english' with the name of your department exactly as it appears in the address bar of a web browser when viewing your website's homepage. Some department names will be shortened (e.g. historical) or hyphenated (e.g. modern-languages)
    2. If you're trying to connect to an Office site then type in https://swww2.le.ac.uk:1980/offices/ followed by the name of your office exactly as it appears in the web browser's address bar. For example Human Resources would be https://swww2.le.ac.uk:1980/offices/hr
  6. Click Finish


  7. Enter your university IT account username and password.
  8. Ensure Remember my credentials is unchecked
  9. Plone will now be listed as one of your network drives and you will be able to copy and paste files from your computer to your website

Screenshot of a Windows explorer window containing a mapped drive

When uploading files remember to save them into the appropriate place e.g. ‘documents’ or ‘images’ folder of your site.

When transferring files using a mapped network drive you must consider the file upload restrictions. These are detailed on the Adding files page.

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