Add links in a folder

To add a link to a folder (navigation button):
1. From the folder above select Add new > Link
2. Fill in the Title and optional Description
3. Type in the URL or internal path
4. Add a Change note and Save

Folders as links

Less frequently used than links on pages, Plone also offers you the ability to add links to internal or external resources directly into folders, alongside other content types. These link objects, to which they are sometimes referred, are useful if you want to add a link to your site that will show up in your navigation.

For example, you may have a Plone site in which the majority of the content is in Plone but a key resource or reference page is held on another site elsewhere. By using the add link option you can add that link directly into your site's folder as a distinct item of content, causing it to appear in the navigation.

Adding a link

To add a link of this type, navigate to the folder in your site into which you wish to put the link, click on Add new > Link.

Add links in a folder

You will be prompted to give the link a Title (which will appear on the navigation button) and an optional Description and specify the URL (web address) for the link.

Add links in a folder interface

  • If the link you are adding is external then simply add the full URL (web address) including the beginning http:// part e.g.
  • If the link you are adding is internal then simply specify the path to the folder or file you are linking to e.g. /departments/geology/

 Add a Change note and Save 

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