Linking to Job Vacancies on HR iGrasp system

The University uses a third-party system called I-grasp to manage job vacancies and applications for Personnel (HR). You may want to link from your site to a vacancy on this system and if you do then you'll need to do the following:

Follow these steps exactly...


  • Navigate to the job details page for a specific job vacancy (see image below)


  • Look at the URL (web address of the page) at the top of your browser window.
  • Place your cursor in the URL just before the ? symbol. What you need to do is select and copy everything from the ? until the end of the URL. This bit of the URL is called the query string.
  • Open a second tab in your browser and go to the following address:  
  • Paste the query string you have just copied (starting with '?') onto the end of the URL on your second tab. The resulting URL will look similar to this:,4112474812&key=24142149...etc
  • This new modified URL on the second tab should take you directly to the job vacancy you were looking at - check it to make sure that it does.
  • If everything is working as intended then you can use the modified URL on your site to link to that job vacancy in the future.

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