Image Gallery

You can display a single image or more than one in a gallery format. This allows the images to be tabbed through via the keyboard or scrolled through on a mobile.

Images do not have to be displayed in this format. They can still be added into folders to be displayed in single click view. This is an optional view (See add images).

Add an image gallery folder

Instead of adding a normal folder you need to add the Gallery folder. 

> Click on the Add new drop down menu at the top of the page and then choose the Gallery option.

Choose gallery folder

> Give the Gallery folder a title (and an optional description).

> Click save.

Adding images

When adding items to this folder, you will only get the option to add images.

Add an image

> Upload images into the gallery folder and give each one a title and description.

> Publish the page.

> Clicking on an image will open it up in the gallery format.

Using the gallery feature

When you click on an image you can navigate using a keyboard, mouse or swipe on a mobile device.

Keyboard: use your left and right arrow keys to go through each image. Press ESC to come out the feature.

Mouse: use the left or right pointers to scroll through each image or click on the play button to let them automatically run.

Mobile device: swipe through the images or let them play automatically.

Note: The order the images are within the folder will determine the order they display in the gallery. You can reorder the images as you would normally do in the contents tab. 

You must publish any images that you want to have on your web pages otherwise they won't be visible to the outside.

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