Harassment, Abuse, and Discrimination

I have experienced harassment, abuse or discrimination and need help urgently

  • If you are off campus: call 999 to contact the police, ambulance or fire services
  • Non-emergency numbers - NHS: 111, Police: 101
  • If you are on campus or halls of residences: call security on 0116 252 2888 (emergency) or 0116 252 2023 (non-emergency)

Unacceptable behaviours

Fore more information about unacceptable behaviours, including harassment, bullying, abuse, and hate crime, please visit: https://reportandsupport.le.ac.uk/support/category/incidents-and-behaviours

For more information generally about getting support, please visit: https://reportandsupport.le.ac.uk/support

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence (including sexual assault and rape)

Juniper Lodge Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Provides discrete services provided by experienced professionals and forensic medical facilities, emergency contraception and referral to other specialist agencies. They can talk you through your options, including whether to report to the police or not. You do not have to report to the police if you contact them but they can help you with this process if you want. Please look on the Juniper Lodge website for contact information. If you would like to be taken to Juniper Lodge, call University security on 0116 252 2023.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)

**PLEASE NOTE: all in-person drop-in sessions have temporarily been cancelled in light of increasing concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak, however you can still contact our ISVA, Rekha Lakhani, on 07734994564, or you can call the general helpline 0116 273 3330. Please see: https://le.ac.uk/coronavirus for up-to-date information and guidance.**

First Step

Free confidential services to male rape and sexual abuse survivors & their supporters to enable survivors to make the “First Step”. Visit their website for more information.

Jasmine House

Safe space where women and girls can access free and confidential services following any form of sexual violence either recently or in the past. Have a look at their website for more information.

Reporting and getting support

See the reporting page for more information.

Standing Together

Students and staff at the University of Leicester are Standing Together to create an inclusive and respectful campus. Standing Together is a University-wide initiative to tackle unacceptable behaviours and support students affected by them. Have a look at the Standing Together web pages or the campaigns section of Report & Support for more information.

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