Student case studies

Each of our 20,000 students are diverse, with varying interests and backgrounds.

As our case studies show, there are many ways to make the most of you, no matter who you are or what you do.

Each day in November, we will be releasing a student case study. Why not take a look for some inspiration?

Kinza30 November

Kinza, third year chemistry student

"The careers department provides business coaching classes for those with new and innovative business ideas or even for early stage established businesses."


Alex M29 November

Alex M, third year management studies with politics student

"Favourite thing about university: The amount of resources that exist to help students with their careers during and after university"


James28 November

James, first year marketing MSc student

"Being quietly confident, assertive and proactive will help you achieve what you would like to achieve. Very little is achieved if you don’t push yourself."

Manal27 November

Manal, third year management studies student

"I went on to do the Foundation Course at the University of Leicester International Study Centre (ISC) first before I progressed to my chosen university degree course. It was the best decision I had ever made."


26 November

Eva, fourth year doctor of philosophy student

"My many years at Leicester have taught me how to write a practical Psychology report, dance Quickstep, follow English comma rules (well, almost), celebrate Diwali, use SPSS, ride a paternoster lift, and survive in student accommodation"


25 November

Abdullahi, third year environmental informatics student

"Don't just sit back, get involved. There are many activities at the University of Leicester to make your dream come true."


24 November

Lizzie, second year operating department practice student

"My university course involves the university hospitals of Leicester. Here we spend a lot of time on placement in different operating theatres."


Alex L

23 November

Alex L, third year business economics student

" It’s so easy to meet people from all walks of life and you can learn a lot from this. Being at university also prepares you for the real world from a range of opportunities that they offer."


22 November

Bira, second year electrical and electronics engineering student

"I aim to build a better future for myself and those who come after me. My goal is to work in the power sector of my home country Nigeria and bring an end to unstable power and electricity supply."

Katy21 November

Katy, third year chemistry student

"I haven't allowed university to change my core person. I have kept up with all my original hobbies since coming to university. Many people say crochet or knitting is for old ladies but everyone who knows me know I am a bit yarn obsessed! The yarn bomb event gave me the perfect opportunity to do something I enjoy in a fun new way."

Vlad20 November

Vlad, third year physics student

"After working closely with people from many countries at home and in the UK, I appreciate different backgrounds and judge objectively, how cultural differences can enhance students’ performance and integration in the community."

Libby19 November

Libby, second year medicine student

"Get involved with as many different aspects of uni as possible! Join lots of clubs and societies because they are such a good way to meet people and make friends!

18 November


Tania, first year business analysis and finance MSc student

"I was surprised about the number of international students that were in my course, which made it really nice and tolerant. In the same class there could be easily over 10 different languages."

Katie17 November

Katie, PhD history student

"Being able to research something that I’m so passionate about is something I’m really grateful for."



16 November

Elizabeth, second year politics student

"Embrace university and all that comes with it! Get stuck in, whether it’s joining societies or sporting clubs, there’s something for everyone."



15 November

Hayley, third year criminology student

"I am the University Netball Officer, responsible for making sure netball is accessible to everyone at university, in particular for students who want to play is casually with no commitment."


14 November

Chloe, third year archaeology student

"Not only am I a full time distance learning student I am also a stay at home mum with two young boys."


Scarlett13 November

Scarlett, third year law student

"Talk to everyone. It has always been my number one piece of advice for university students! You never know if they’ll become your best friend, teach you something incredible, open doors to a new activity, or introduce you to someone who changes your life."



12 November

Vivienne, first year archaeology student (distance learner)

"Life really is what you make it, so make it count...but make it fun"



11 November

Lauren, third year aerospace engineering student

"Half of the University experience is about doing things to challenge yourself and to try something new. You never know what you might do or where you might end up."


10 November

Wei, PhD media and communication student

"Proofreading is very important and useful, especially for international students whose first language is not English."



9 November

Nick, PhD history student

"I’d advise other students to explore the ways in which the university can support you in pursuing your interests and ambitions outside of your studies – you might be surprised to find out just how much help is available."


8 November

Comfort, third year biological sciences student

"My ultimate piece of advice to another student would be, to adopt a goal-driven mind-set and to practise setting both personal, academic and work SMART targets early on in their journey as a student"


7 November

Qicong, fourth year management PhD student

"Get to know yourself, be confident and enjoy every single day of your life."


Oishi6 November

Oishi, final year software and electronics engineering with industry student

"I have gained 16 months of industrial experience while I am still a student."


Mashuda5 November

Mashuda, third year medical physiology student

"Though my course taught me how to academically excel, and that too has been an extremely positive experience, being part of a student group enabled me to appreciate the skills I will require once I graduate and work."


4 November

Niall, fourth year chemistry student

"I have spent the three years of my degree not only studying and working as a Leicester ambassador but also as part of the Northern Ireland Knights international dodgeball team."


3 November

Francesca, second year economics student

"My suggestion would be that of taking advantage of your University experience in every aspect: be open, make friends, join the societies, be curious, ask questions, support people around you, study hard, party hard, fall in love, be creative and be active!"

Ilenia2 November

Ilenia, first year museum studies student

"At the University of Leicester, difference is always an opportunity and creativity is enhanced by our diverse cultural and social backgrounds."


Anca1 November

Anca, third year law and criminology student

"My favourite thing about university is the independence gained once you leave home."


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