Name: Eva

Course: Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour

Year: 4

Favourite thing about university: You never stop learning. My many years at Leicester have taught me how to write a practical Psychology report, dance Quickstep, follow English comma rules (well, almost), celebrate Diwali, use SPSS, ride a paternoster lift, and survive in student accommodation.

Interesting fact about your university experience: I spent 14 weeks at Hokkaido University in Japan to collect cross-cultural data for my PhD research. Additionally, I have travelled to Hong Kong, Boston, and Berlin to present my work at international conferences.

What makes you different to other students?: I seek out new opportunities and always love a challenge. Ever since the beginning of my PhD, I have been involved in Athena Swan activities to promote gender equality in science. As the postgraduate representative of my Department, I recently helped to organise a large College summer ball. Also, I just started a Russian course with Languages@Leicester. This is the sixth foreign language I’m learning, and I’m absolutely loving it. Здра́вствуй! (Hello!)

If you could give one piece of advice to another student, what would it be?: University usually offers much more flexibility than school or full-time employment. Don’t be intimidated by this freedom. Instead, explore what is possible.

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