Flourish Fair

Event for returning students on 9 and 10 October to help you settle back into University life.

Getting used to University life doesn’t just end once your first year is over, whether that’s moving into private accommodation, completing assignments that now count towards your degree, or returning to campus after a placement, study abroad or time out of education.

We’re hosting Flourish Fair, just for you if you are in your second, third or fourth year, or beyond. If you’re one of the first 250 through the door you’ll be given a free goody bag, packed full of treats and resources, including a portable phone charger. If you have any questions, then email studentexperience@le.ac.uk

What's on

9 October - Health and wellbeing

10.00am-2.00pm, in the marquee

  • Experience how the arts can help you to destress
  • Being hydrated helps concentration. Take the water challenge and see if you are drinking enough to help you study effectively.
  • Get a boost of nutrients with a free smoothie or mint tea
  • Discover how to make quick, easy, and healthy meals, suitable for a student budget
  • Relax in our Reading Corner with a book from our book swap
  • Get your endorphins going - see if you can beat your mates in our bike competition
  • Find out where to get support when you need it
  • Visit our Speakers’ Corner: 11.00am - Sports and wellbeing; 12.00pm - Help! I need somebody

10 October – Discover life skills

10.00am-2.00pm, in the marquee

  • Manage your money better with our budgeting tips
  • Find out how to deal with your accommodation issues
  • Get support with your studies - including maths help and how to research
  • Discover the support available to you as a mature student
  • Find out how the Festival of Careers can help with your next steps after graduation.
  • Perfect your networking pitch.
  • Learn how our Professional Mentoring Programme can help you with your professional development.
  • Visit our Speakers’ Corner: 12.00pm - To mentee or not mentee; 1.00pm - My Student Life: Mollie Henstock

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