The Big Sleep

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Step out of your comfort zone in support of a local charity and register now to help the homeless in Leicester!

Thursday 21 March, 8.00pm - Friday 22 March 8.00am, Centenary Square on campus


We're giving up our beds for a night on Thursday 21 March 8.00pm - 8.00am to raise money for The Bridge, Homelessness to Hope and to experience just some of the discomfort that the city’s homeless feel every single night.

Brave the elements to bed down for the University of Leicester The Big Sleep event on behalf of The Bridge, Homelessness to Hope. Bring cardboard, a sleeping bag, flasks and a few layers of clothing and spend a night under the stars for a taster of what street homelessness might be like.

The Big Sleep is as much about raising awareness as it is about raising money. Although the event will never be able to replicate the hardship those who are homeless live in entirely, it's a step to us gaining a better understanding of what it may be like in someway.

It’s a vivid experience which brings to life the challenges of sleeping outside, reawakening the campaign against homelessness and humanising what our city’s homeless go through every night.

There will be activities for all those involved to take part in and come together to help those who really need it.


Share your sponsor forms and fundraising pages and let’s make an incredible difference to the lives of those so much less fortunate than ourselves. Whether you're a member of staff or student, please see below which ways you can submit sponsorship donations specific to you.

Setting up your sponsorship page

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All funds raised will be collected together and given to The Bridge: Homelessness to Hope.

If you need any assistance with setting up your fundraising page, please let us know by emailing


Suggested items to bring:

1. Sleeping bag

2. Pillow / mat / cardboard

3. Snacks / hot flask

4. Torch

Advice and guidance:

1. Dress in layers so you can easily adjust your clothes to regulate body moisture and temperature: a liner against your skin (long johns), insulation (fleece), and a water- and wind-proof outer shell.

2. Wool or synthetic materials are much better than cotton, which loses its insulating qualities when it gets wet. Cotton also takes a long time to dry out.

3. Wear boots with waterproof outer shells such as oiled leather or plastic.

4. Protect against heat loss through your head by wearing a wool cap, toboggan, balaclava, etc. Over half of your body heat can be lost through your head. A balaclava helps protect your face and neck from cold and wind.

5. Wear wool socks, but don’t wear too many pairs. If the blood flow to your feet becomes constricted, your feet will get cold regardless of how many socks you have on. Boot laces that are too tight will constrict the blood flow as well.

6. Make sure your gloves, especially liners, are not too tight so they don’t constrict the blood flow and keep your hands from warming up.

7. Don’t bring items of personal value with you unless necessary; there are lockers in the library which you can use if there are items you feel you need to bring.

8. You may bring snacks and hot flasks, as well as ground mats. We will provide some cardboard for those without mats.

9. Due to University health and safety, the following are not permitted: naked flames, gas canisters and cooking hobs (whether electric of gas).

TOILETS will be available in the Library

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