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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many events have been affected. Please see our official coronavirus webpage for details of postponed or cancelled events.

Support the NHS

Would you like to volunteer to help our NHS to support the national response to COVID-19? From porters to healthcare assistants to secretaries to receptionists, the NHS are in need of volunteers.

In response to COVID-19, Leicester Hospitals Charity have lauched their COVID-19 response fund. All help is appreciated.


Maths Meets Art

A four-day festival of talks, activities and workshops sharing recent and ongoing collaborations between artists and mathematicians. Suitable for everyone, especially those interested in maths and/or arts, with an array of events and different activities for different levels of interest.

Visit the website above to see a list of events.


Virtual Consultancy Challenge

New for 2020, our virtual consultancy challenges give you the chance to gain professional experience by working as part of a team to solve a real world business problem for a professional client.

As well as the chance to develop valuable skill in project management, influencing, innovation, time-management and team-working, you'l also be gaining hands-on, practical experience that will demonstrate your capability and potential to a future employer.

The challenges are open to all final year undergraduate students graduating in July 2020. Want to know more? Register your interest here.

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