World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

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Trigger warning: Suicide - Creating hope through action

Trigger warning: Suicide

Suicide is a complex issue that oftentimes can be difficult for people to speak about openly. Each year however, on the 10 September, organisations and communities gather to observe, act and raise awareness of suicide through World Suicide Prevention Day. Founded in 2003, the day urges people to start conversations around suicide to reduce the stigma surrounding it.

As part of our commitment to a Suicide Safer University, we want to support all our staff and student community to manage their wellbeing and mental health challenges. We continue to be committed to suicide prevention.

Help make a change

This year, though the chosen theme of ‘Hope through action,’ you can take the free suicide prevention training offered by Zero Suicide Alliance to help make a real difference to someone else’s life. Training only takes 20 minutes to complete.

You can also get involved in a range of online suicide related sessions, hosted by Start a conversation, providing information, wellbeing support and guidance. You can find the full schedule of events on their website.

Get help

Many of those who die by suicide have not felt able to ask for help.

You are not alone.

If you, or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, talk to someone, let them know what is going on, ask for help and access our support and resources available.

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