White Ribbon Campaign

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The University is proud to be Standing Together against gender-based violence and supporting the White Ribbon Campaign which takes place Monday 27 November – Friday 8 December.

The White Ribbon campaign is a global initiative to end male violence against women.

By wearing a White Ribbon, patrons pledge to never excuse, commit or remain silent about male violence against women. Statistics published in The Guardian show that in the UK alone, male violence towards former partners accounted for the deaths of over 900 women in the six years prior to 2016.

Violence against women has to stop. As a HeForShe 10x10x10 champion, we are spearheading the White Ribbon Campaign on campus and calling for a rethink of attitudes towards gender-based violence. Of course, the University does not believe that any of our staff or students are actively supportive of violence against women; however having been brought up in a culture where violence against women is too commonplace, and all too often excused, undoubtedly normalises this abominable behaviour.

We must recognise gender-based violence and call it out whenever it is encountered.
If a woman is a victim of male violence, it is never her fault, it is his fault. He should not have committed the violent act and we must never excuse it.

To show our support for the White Ribbon campaign, there are going to be a number of giveaways and events taking place across campus throughout the White Ribbon period (Monday 27 November – Friday 8 December).

If you would like to join us in standing together against gender-based violence, you can show your support for the campaign by coming along to the events and giveaways and wearing your white ribbon with pride. You can share your support on social media using #WhiteRibbon.

White Ribbon events:

Monday 27 November

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    Percy Gee Building, SU Square
    12.00pm – 2.00pm

Tuesday 28 November

  • Ribbon giveaway
    Outside Bennett/ Physics/ Rattray
    12.00pm - 2.00pm

Wednesday 29 November

  • Sports & Active Life White Ribbon Takeover
    Various locations
    All afternoon
  • HeForShe Seminar: ‘Standing Together Against Gender-Based Violence’
    George Davies Centre, 1.33,
    3.00pm – 4.00pm
    Contact gb183@leicester.ac.uk to register your interest
  • Feminist Society’s “Reclaim the Night”
    Find out more on Facebook.


Thursday 30 November

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    George Davies Centre atrium
    12.00pm – 2.00pm


Friday 1 December

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    Charles Wilson Building
    12.00pm – 2.00pm


Monday 4 December

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    University Road Bus stop
    8.30am -10.00am


Tuesday 5 December

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    Halls of Residences


Wednesday 6 December

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    David Wilson Library
    All day


Thursday 7 December

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    Halls of Residences


Friday 8 December

  • Ribbon Giveaway
    Percy Gee Building, SU Square
    12.00pm – 2.00pm

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