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Posted by ep256 at Mar 16, 2018 10:07 AM |
The library are trying to decide which book to give out to students next year and need your help!

Have you got #ThePower? At the start of the academic year, as part of the University Library’s ‘Read at Leicester’ project, we gave out a copy of Naomi Alderman’s electrifying dystopian thriller ‘The Power’ to 5000 of our students. We also helped them to deliver book clubs, film screenings, workshops and loads of other fun events aimed at encouraging people to read for fun! The book was chosen from a long list of books suggested to us by our students and staff here at the University, and has proven to be a great hit.

Now it is time to think about next year; we need your help on deciding what our next title should be! We want the next book to be one which inspires students, introduces them to new ideas, and most importantly, is a book you just can’t put down which will encourage a lifelong relationship with reading.

So here’s what we need from you: have you ever read a book which has changed your life or has had an impact on your attitude to reading? Have you ever read a book which you wished everyone else would read? Now’s your chance to make that happen. If you know what should be next year’s Read at Leicester book, send us an email telling us which book it should be, along with a couple of sentences explaining why. You can also let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

Need some inspiration? Why not check out our graphic novel recommendations or our dystopian reading list?

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