University Islamic Society is truly outstanding

Posted by rmt22 at Apr 04, 2017 12:50 PM |
Our Student Islamic Society has been given the top award at the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) Midlands Annual Dinner.

The University of Leicester has 1,358 Muslim students on campus, and the Student Islamic Society (ULISoc) was set up to cater for their needs, promote religious understanding and raise a significant amount of money for charity.

At the recent FOSIS Annual Midlands Dinner, which saw 32 Islamic Societies come together to celebrate the work they've done over the past year the ULISoc was named “Most Outstanding Islamic Society”. They were also nominated for the best SU relations award, while two committee members – Muhammad Abdur-Rahman Ali and Sadia Mustafa – were nominated for the Best Islamic Society Members award.

ULISoc were recognised due to the huge amount of activity they have been involved in over the past year, including their most successful Charity Week ever, raising £11,000 (compared to £4,000 in 2015). Numerous issues faced by students were tackled during the year with a month focusing on Islamophobia, partnering with the Students’ Union to host various Mental Health events, a Blood Donation Drive with the support of the NHS. In addition to these, the society often raised money to various charity campaigns, such as the Burma Appeal, the Famine Crisis in East Africa and Syrians via Human Appeal, raising an average of £180 per appeal.

They also set up a fortnightly dialogue with the Christian Union to build interfaith relations along with hosting Believe and Do Good week which is an initiative for random acts of kindness encouraging members to be upstanding citizens in society. The week included various events including feed the homeless walk, English classes for refugees, a City clean up and Food Harvest Collections.

Fawaz Lone, Vice-Chair of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies Midlands, said “ULISoc have been absolutely outstanding in the work they've done this year. From social events, to welfare to education, they've been exceptional. They've put together some fantastic campaigns and projects; raising £11,000 for Charity Week, organising an informative Discover Islam Week and an inspiring array of events.”

Mahmoud Shehab, Deputy President of the Islamic Society, said: “I am so proud of the Islamic Society Committee. I would like to thank the Students' Union and the University for their phenomenal support throughout this year. Well done Team ULISoc - this award is yours!”

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