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New figures from our Environment Team show that the University is becoming more environmentally friendly.

The University is committed to developing a greener campus and becoming a world-leading institution in the battle against climate change. Recently released figures demonstrate that we are succeeding in creating more sustainable ways of living and learning which will benefit staff, students and the local community.

Over the last three years, the University has helped volunteers from our Environmental Action Society to plant 1,700 trees on Stoughton Road Playing Fields, which has had the effect of offsetting 12.5 tonnes of CO2. An additional 21 fruit trees were planted at Stoughton Road in March and Hungry For Change have planted a further 13 fruit trees across campus. The orchard at Stoughton Road and fruit trees on campus will provide students with local, organic fruits including varieties of apples, pears and plums for free. The Environmental Action Society have also been commended for making use of the harvest from several apple trees at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College which were previously left to rot. Providing local, ecologically friendly sources of food is helping to create a more pleasant environment, encouraging healthy living and decreasing carbon emissions caused by transporting fruit.

The University has implemented numerous changes in recent years to become an exemplary, modern and energy-efficient institution. Recent projects have included upgrading fluorescent lights to LED lighting, replacing some of campus’s older inefficient boilers and heating networks as well as installing new insulation across campus. These steps taken by the Estates Division have seen the University’s absolute carbon emissions for 2015-2016 fall by 12% compared to 2014-2015’s figures and by 22% compared to 2005 figures. Projects to save energy have reduced the University’s annual expenditure by nearly £52,000 and save the atmosphere from an additional 303 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

As an institution, we are making huge strides in reducing the amount of energy necessary to run the University but every student and staff member has an important role to play in helping to build a sustainable campus for the future.

How can you help?

  1. The little actions: Check out the Environment Team's top tips for daily life at University. With over 20,000 people on campus, every small energy-saving adds up!
  2. The big potentials: Noticed room for improvement? Got an Estates project idea? Submit your energy saving ideas using this feedback form. Your idea could be funded and then implemented by our Estates team. For information on the status of previous students suggestions, visit this page.
  3. The inspirers: Volunteer!. Students have already shown wonderful innovation and contributed to energy reduction in numerous ways, from identifying energy improvements, to planting trees, to dissertation research.

Click here to learn more about the University’s commitment to sustainability. →

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